Board of Deacons

There shall be at least three deacons for the first 100 members of the church and three additional deacons for the second 100 members and then as many other deacons as the church may require.  These shall be elected from among those members who have proven themselves to have scriptural qualifications, as laid down in I Timothy 3 and Acts 6.  Deacons shall be elected for the terms of two and three years with at least one third of the number being elected every two years.  After the completion of a full two year term, no deacon shall be eligible for re-election until after the lapse of one year.  Whenever deacons are to be elected, the names of all eligible nominees shall be placed on a ballot and the church will then proceed to elect the required number from this list.  The deacons will elect annually their own chairman.

  • Phil Gray............... Chairman        
  • Frank Rich
  • Howard Hammett
  • Willie Duvall
  • Wayne Gray
  • Max Williams, Sr 
  • Clayton Farlow                   
Deacons shall at all times consider themselves as servants of the church.  It shall be the duties of the deacons to engage actively in all spiritual work of the church, to seek out such members as need assistance where there is a need for relief, and to visit the sick.  With the pastor, and as the Holy Spirit may direct, they are to consider and make recommendations to the church in all matters pertaining to its work and progress.  They, together with the pastor, constitute the committee on discipline.  They are to establish and maintain fraternal relations with all members of the church; assisting the pastor in observance of the ordinances; having general oversight over the upkeep, repair, and use of the church property; and supervising the financial program of the church.  They shall arrange for regular meetings and such committees as are necessary to the discharge of their duties.  The pastor may call the deacons into special session whenever need for such arises.  Whenever the church is without a pastor the chairman of the deacons may call special sessions.