Church Trustees

The church shall elect at least three members to serve as Trustees.  Their term of office shall be for three years with one third of the number elected each year.  Vacancies may be filled at any time with the one elected filling out the unexpired term of the one whose vacancy is being filled.  Having served as a trustee during a previous term will not disqualify a member for re-election.

Joe Burton...............Chairman for 2013   
David Hodges
Jay Craddock

The Trustees will represent the church in strict accordance with directives from the church in the execution of all legal matters.  They shall have no power to buy, to sell, improve or transfer property or mortgage church property without the majority vote of the church authorizing such action.  Neither shall they have any control over the use of the church property except by the vote of the church.  They shall execute all legal papers relating to the church and to the community as the church may direct, and shall represent the church in all matters of legal responsibility regarding the purchase, improvement and disposal of church property as directed by the church.